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Greg is the son of an engineer married to a professional artist. Which explains very little- or perhaps everything.

As a child, Greg could spend the morning taking apart his sister’s talking doll, revealing the tiny record player hidden within, and the afternoon helping his mother pour a plaster cast for a lost-wax mold. His father spoke of vacuum tubes and profit and loss, while his mother washed sulfuric acid out of a pyrex baking dish, removing a copper etch plate so the lasagna might take its place for dinner. By twelve Greg could pull a print or solder a transistor. And painted a bit on the side.

He has academic degrees from MIT and Harvard in the sciences. And found time to take the occasional art or architecture course.

Science is his vocation, design his passion, and art his dream.

If only desire blended like oil paints.

b.      1955
BS     1977 MIT
PhD   1982 Harvard




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